This website is sponsored by The International Star Bible Society.

The International Star Bible Society is a Christian ministry dedicated to strengthening the faith of Christian believers by spreading God’s message about Jesus Christ which is contained in the stars, and which is known as the Star Bible.

Most modern Christians have shied away from the stars because of their association with pagan astrology, or adopted an interest based on scientific findings. However, about 150 years ago archeologists and linguists began to uncover the ancient names for the stars and constellations. Names which told the same story found in the Bible. In these current times we know that God intended the stars for His children. And we are restoring the truth about the Heavens.

We believe the understanding of how “The Heavens Declare The Glory of God” (PS 19:1) is a moving testimony of the power and reality of God. We have made this information available as an e-book, The Stars of His coming, to tell this amazing story. It is also our hope to go beyond our present knowledge, which we feel has just scratched the surface of the revelation of the Star Bible.

Our Second Book, The Mystery of the Blood Moons, expands our knowledge of the Star Bible to show how God has blessed His people during the historical Blood Moon Tetrads. It also gives us hope and direction for today.

This website was taken from our recent book, Teshuvah Eclipes: The Invitation and The Warning, which expands on the understand of the Blood Moon lunar eclipses by showing how the Teshuvah Solar Eclipses represent appointed times of God’s invitation and warning. We pray that the Teshuvah Eclipse of 2017 will mark a time of repentance and return God for individuals, the Church, and the nation. We invite you to join us in this journey of faith.


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