The Pilgrimage


To make the Teshuvah journey into God’s presence during the times of ancient Israel meant making a pilgrimage to the Temple in Jerusalem.

“Blessed are those whose strength is in You, who have set their hearts on pilgrimage. As they press through the valley of Baca, they make it a place of springs; The Autumn rains also cover it with pools. They go from strength to strength, till each appears before God in Zion.” (Psalm 84: 5, 6).

Psalm 84 tells us that God blesses those who make a pilgrimage to His presence. They are refreshed by streams and pools, symbolic of the Holy Spirit, and grow stronger as they approach God. Even in the Church Age, when the Holy Spirit lives within us, the spiritual value of the pilgrimage as a symbolic return to God has been recognized and honored. On August 21, 2017, we can make such a pilgrimage by traveling to a location along the Teshuvah Eclipse path as a sign of our commitment to return to God.

The path of the Eclipse will run from Oregon through 14 states, ending in South Carolina. Anyone wanting to make the pilgrimage will need to seek the face of the Lord for guidance in choosing a location. We will also have the opportunity to bless the site of our pilgrimage by adding our prayers for that place to our prayers for personal repentance and return to God, for the healing of the broken Body of Christ, and for healing of our land.

The Eclipse will make landfall at Lincoln Beach in Oregon at 10:15 am PST. Unlike the Sun, which travels from East to West, the Eclipse shadow travels from West to East and symbolizes the turning back of repentance. About an hour and a half later the shadow will leave the U.S. at Cape Romaine, South Carolina. The shadow will remain over locations near the center of the path of totality for about two minutes.

Eclipse Path

Information about the Eclipse path and some local prayer needs (3) are shown below:

The Eclipse passes over Salem, the capitol, at 10:17 am PST. The state of Oregon has a relatively low number of Christians, between 60 and 75 percent, but has been identified as a key state to bring God’s people to stand in unity against secularism and that which stands against God. It was in Oregon that a Christian baker was fined for refusing to participate in a homosexual wedding and schools began forcing girls to shower with confused boys. Religious freedom and Christian values are under strong attack in Oregon. Pray that the state will be blessed with an outpouring of the Holy Spirit and Christian love.  

The Church in Oregon has been praying for numbers of prophetic Christians to come join them in prayer, and the Teshuvah pilgrimage presents an opportunity for this to happen. 

The Eclipse arrives in Idaho at 11:33 a.m. MST, but there are no major cities in its path. Idaho also has a relatively low Christian population, 60 to 75 percent, and the largest religious group is the Mormon Church. We should pray that the Mormon Church will be blessed by a true revelation of Jesus. The state has many natural and spiritual treasures which should be called forth. Prayer leaders in Idaho have prayed for reconciliation, intimacy in worship, and joy.

The path of totality only covers 8 square miles of Montana. Nevertheless, the state is important because it has a breaker anointing. Pray for the Church to be blessed with a new impartation of this anointing.  

The Church in Montana has prayed for purity and Christian unity as Jesus prayed in John 17.

The Eclipse passes over Grand Teton National Park at 11:35 MST and Casper at 11:42 am MST. The state has been a leader in bringing equal rights to women, and has sought to maintain godly laws. The state is known as a place to retreat for renewal and peace. Pray that the Church will continue in faithfulness and be blessed by achieving its destiny. 
Prayer leaders have prayed for unity and a habitation of God’s Spirit. 

The Eclipse runs through the length of Nebraska, reaching the capitol of Lincoln at 1:02pm CST. The state plays a vital role in feeding America and the world. Pray that the state will be blessed with pure and abundant waters above and below ground. Also pray that the Joseph anointing will be released to bring provision and blessings to God’s people and works.  

The Church in Nebraska has been admonished to tear down the false idol of humanism, come together in unity, and reverse the curse on the land. 

Only a small portion of southwest Iowa is touched by the Eclipse. However, it has been prophesied that major political change in Iowa and beyond will begin in the southwest
corner of the state. It is a forerunner for presidential politics, and often highlights Christian issues.

Pray to bless the state with wisdom, clarity of purpose, and unity.

The Eclipse reaches northeast Kansas at 1:06 pm CST. There is a well of revival in Kansas from the beginning of the modern Pentecostal Outpouring in Kansas by Charles Parham which has been prophesied to be uncapped and bring hope and faith to many. Pray that there will be healing for those whose faith has been weakened by deferred hope for a move of God. Pray that the Church will be blessed and be a blessing to receive its inheritance.

Missouri is the lynchpin of the Teshuvah Eclipse path. Three major cities in the path of the Eclipse have been identified as centers for the release of Evangelism: Kansas City, Missouri, is passed over in its northern half at 1:06 CST. It is in Kansas City that the high point of the Charismatic Renewal unity movement was reached in 1977. Another great gathering is scheduled for October of 2017 which will focus on unity in Christ and the Evangelism coming from Christian unity, as Jesus prayed in John 17. Jefferson City, the state capitol, is reached at 1:14 pm CST. It has been prophesied that God does not need a majority to bring His plans to pass. Pray for wisdom and unity. 
St. Louis will be covered in its southern half at 1:16 pm CST. The city, still suffering from the Ferguson debacle, is in need of reconciliation between races and churches, and to see visible unity and the love of God expressed by Christians. Pray for an outpouring of love and forgiveness, and for God to bring peace to the city.  

Southern Illinois is passed over by the Eclipse at 1:19 am CST. The state is undergoing a great shaking from violence in Chicago and poor financial policies in Springfield. Pray that the legacy of the Great Emancipator, Abraham Lincoln, of liberty and forgiveness will be reborn in the state. Pray for restoration of racial harmony and unity. 
Prayer leaders have seen a new connecting of the Body of Christ, and a new outpouring of grace which will make a new net for the Harvest. 

The Eclipse passes over southwestern Kentucky at 1:22 pm CST. Intercessors in Kentucky have focused on the Teshuvah scripture of Ezekiel 33 and accepted their role as watchmen on the wall to warn both the sinners and the righteous. They are praying for a new great awakening, remembering that the Second Great Awakening began in Kentucky. Pray blessings for revelation and divine strategies to bring revival to America.  

The Eclipse reaches Nashville, the state capitol and a national entertainment center, at 1:27 pm CST. The Lord has healed a historical curse of covenant breaking because of the State’s support for Israel, and the Lord has promised to bring the Body of Christ together in a new level of unity. Pray that the musicians in Nashville will be blessed with a new love for Christ and a deeper desire for worship. Pray that the blessings of unity will be made real for those who, even now, are opposed to unity.   

North Carolina
At 2:34 pm EST the Eclipse reaches southwestern North Carolina and the Great Smokey Mountains National Park. The state has taken a stand for godly values, and the Lord is using the state in the battle to cleanse and heal our land. Pray that the state will be blessed for the persecution it is enduring, and pray that the eyes of the persecutors will be opened. The Lord has promised to change the Heavens over the state to bring in a new direction for revival. 

Northwest Georgia sees the Eclipse at 2:35 pm EST. The state, once home to racial division and violence, has made great strides in achieving racial reconciliation. Pray that God will bless Georgia with a spirit of love and brotherhood between races, ethnic groups, and Christian denominations.    

The Lord has promised an open portal under Heaven for revelation, worship, and restoration, along with reversal of the curse of racial hostility and violence.

South Carolina
The Eclipse reaches Columbia, the state capitol, at 2:41 pm EST, Charleston at 2:48 pm EST, and leaves the U.S. at 2:49 pm EST. In 2003 the prophets warned South Carolina that God was giving them another chance to break the stronghold of division, racism, and secularism which had plagued the state. Twelve years later, after a horrible mass murder by a white man in a Charleston black church, the nation was amazed to see a spirit of reconciliation and forgiveness drive out the attempts to bring racial strife into the city. Even some journalists understood that the peace of Charleston was the result of Christians acting in love and unity.

The other part of the 2003 word promised that there would be a disconnect from past cycles of failure through repentance and forgiveness. So the State that started the American Civil War took down its defiant Confederate state flag, its symbol of rebellion and racism, and broke the curse on the state. 

Pray for continued blessings and healing of divisions in South Carolina. 

The first landfall of the Teshuvah Eclipse in Oregon shows us that there is much work to do to reverse the curse, heal the broken Body of Christ, and heal our land. But the last stop of the Eclipse in South Carolina shows us that God can bring His people together to heal their land.

This is the Teshuvah hope we have, as explained by Dutch Sheets in his 2003 prophecy to South Carolina:

“God doesn’t just ignore our history – He heals history”.
— Dutch Sheets