Babylon: A Spiritual Journey Through Time & Nations

This book will take you on a spiritual journey back in time to understand the false religion of Babylon. Then you will follow Babylon through the nations to understand the spiritual strongholds set in place to dominate the nations and peoples throughout history. At the same time you will see how God has set His redemptive plan in motion through the ages to set His people free.



The Stars of His Coming

Jesus said, “There will be signs in the sun, moon, and stars.” The Bible says that God Himself named the stars and constellations and placed His message in them. This message is the story of Jesus –from the first promise of the Seed of Woman given to Adam and Eve to His first coming as our suffering Savior, to His second coming as our Ruler and His ultimate triumph over Satan. The Stars of His Coming was written to explain these celestial signs of Christ’s coming within the context of the revelation of God contained in the stars.


The Mystery of the Blood Moons

“The story of the stars is the story of the Creator Himself, told in His own words and pictures – and painted with fire across the expanse of the universe.”
The Scriptures tell us that the heavens declare God’s glory. Yet, Christians avoid concentrating too intently on messages that might be written in the stars, for fear of aligning themselves with pagan practices.
Nearly 30 years, the author of The Mystery of the Blood Moons began studying God’s secrets as revealed in the sun, moon, stars, and planets. In this book, he gives particular attention to the apocalyptic intrigue surrounding the Blood Moon.
Previous texts have highlighted the correlation between the timing of blood moons and important events in the nation of Israel. Here, the author applies his broad knowledge of cosmic symbols, and interprets what they disclose concerning the revival of the church and Christ’s Second Advent.
The Mystery of the Blood Moons will infuse believers with hope. It is a call to consider the wonders of the universe and attend to what the Creator is saying through them.


Coming Soon: Teshuvah Eclipses